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Huntsville Walker County Chamber of Commerce 2023 State of Texas Legislative Priorities

The Huntsville Walker County Chamber of Commerce laid out its legislative priorities for 2023-2024, focusing on key areas crucial for the economic prosperity and well-being of the community. The following were established as key priorities:

  1. Support for Education and Workforce Development: The Chamber recognizes the importance of investing in education and workforce development across all levels, from primary and secondary schools to higher education institutions, as well as supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses. By advocating for increased funding and resources in these areas, the Chamber aims to ensure that the workforce of tomorrow is well-equipped to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving economy.
  2. Economic Development Enrichment: Collaboration with various stakeholders, including Sam Houston State University, the City of Huntsville, Walker County, Huntsville ISD, Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Huntsville Memorial Hospital, and the private business sector, is vital for fostering economic growth and development. The Chamber seeks to work closely with these partners on initiatives that promote job creation, business expansion, and overall economic prosperity within the community.
  3. Advocacy for Rural Hospital Support and Infrastructure Funding: Recognizing the unique challenges faced by rural communities, the Chamber advocates for legislation that supports and funds rural hospitals, emergency services, and critical infrastructure such as roads, water systems, wastewater management, Wi-Fi access, and drainage. Ensuring access to quality healthcare and reliable infrastructure is essential for the health and well-being of residents and the continued growth of the local economy.

The Chamber's commitment to these priorities underscores its dedication to advancing the interests of businesses and residents in Huntsville and Walker County. By actively engaging with state legislators and advocating for policies that address these key issues, the Chamber aims to create a more prosperous and resilient community for all. The upcoming Chamber Day at the Capitol in early Spring 2025 will provide an opportunity for Chamber members to engage directly with lawmakers and further advance these important priorities.

Additionally, the Legislative Affairs committee meets the first Wednesday of each month at 10:30 a.m., in the Chamber Boardroom.

Melissa (1)

Melissa Bochat
Committee Chair

2023 Day at the Chamber

Pictured from bottom to top from left to right:

Row 1: Stephanie Pitts, State Representative Kyle Kacal
Row 2: Rick Boehning, Tammy Gann, Ray Hernandez, Laura Green, Shannon Higbie
Row 3: Kaye Boehning, Brent
Sherrod, Patrick Shannon, Vickie McKenzie, Kimbreley McLerran, Sue Slater,Christy Atkins, Melissa Bochat, Jeanette Riley
Row 4: Sulma Olivares, Frank Olivares, Benjamin Sessions, Tim Johnson, Sam Jhangiani, John Fletcher
Row 5: Aron Kulhavy, Matt Childers, Trey Wharton, Andy Brauninger

group photo at capitol
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